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The Week… of the ‘Rishi-versary’ | Politics News

Sky News’ Sam Coates and Politico’s Jack Blanchard guide you through the week’s big moments in British politics – with their analysis and predictions.

It’s been a year since Rishi Sunak took over from Liz Truss in Number 10. But following two by-election defeats last week, Downing Street doesn’t seem to be in the mood for a party.

Could we see another Rishi reset?

The prime minister returned from Israel this week, where he met with leaders to discuss the war with Hamas and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Former diplomat Tom Fletcher, who was the British ambassador to Lebanon from 2011 until 2015, joins Jack and Sam to share insights into how to deal with an international crisis.

He also talks about the conversations former diplomats are having about the UK’s future role in foreign policy.

Plus, Jack and Sam talk about shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves’s new book, as she hopes to be the first female chancellor of the exchequer.

Email with your thoughts and rate how their predictions play out: [email protected] or [email protected]

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