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Tina Turner was ‘Loved’ and ‘Adored’ by Her Swiss Neighbors and Friends

Music legend and beloved entertainer, Tina Turner, spent her final days strolling around the streets of the idyllic Swiss village of Küsnacht, has learned.

The What’s Love Got to Do with It singer moved to Küsnacht in 1995 when her German husband Erwin Bach got a job running the Swiss offices of EMI Music in nearby Zurich. Since then, many locals have known them as some of the kindest individuals to visit their small town of around 14,000 people.

The 83-year-old Queen of Rock n Roll is remembered by her neighbors and closest friends as “modest,” “friendly” and “polite.”

Local butcher Benny Lang told news outlets that Turner would constantly come into town to do some shopping.

“She had a butler but she liked to go herself, with her husband Erwin,” Lang told the Daily Mail. “They particularly liked the Moreira Gourmet House. It is the best place in the area to buy smoked salmon and white truffles. That’s what they bought there.”

Turner learned to speak German in order to become a Swiss citizen and picked up a distinct Swiss dialect as a result. She also reportedly took yoga classes at a local public park only a few minutes from her hillside mansion.

“She liked to go to the park and sit by the water. It is a very peaceful place,” one neighbor told the outlet. “She would say ‘Gruezi,’ how we say ‘hello’ in Swiss-German, to people walking their dogs. She was very friendly.”

Local clothing shop assistant Arzu Oezoguz said, “Ms. Turner would come into the shop. She was very modest.”

“She would come in with her husband, Erwin. She was not conceited,” they continued. “She liked shoes. We have some very nice shoes here, made by Italian designers. They cost about 1,000 Swiss francs. We also sell clothes. Our dresses cost about the same.”

“Ms. Turner liked to buy these. And she bought cashmere sweaters for her husband.”

As RadarOnline reported, the Thunderdome actress spent the last few years of her life “crying every night” over the death of her late sons, Ronnie and Craig.

Craig shot himself in 2018 when he was just 59, while Ronnie lost his fight with colon cancer just five months before his mother’s passing.

Tina’s daughter-in-law, Ronnie’s widow, Afida, claimed that the death of her sons was a heartache the singer carried to her grave.

“If you lose a child, or a loved one, you are going to cry every morning and every night.”

Turner’s multi-million dollar Swiss chateau was sold soon after the singer’s death. The mansion, which includes a four-story main building, a large garden, a two-story boathouse, and is set on 1350 acres of grounds, was sold to a businesswoman Ines Kaindl-Benes for somewhere in the range of $86 million in cash.

Despite selling the property, Erwin is not expected to be forced off the property. The new owner is believed to have bought the chateau as an investment, not a permanent residence.

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