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Tory voters tell Sky News YouGov Voters’ Panel gambling scandal won’t make a difference – the party’s already dead and buried | Politics News

The Sky News YouGov Voters’ Panel has reacted overwhelmingly negatively to the alleged insider betting scandal, with some saying it would impact their voting intention.

Our exclusive panel gave snap reaction to the news some Conservative Party candidates are being investigated by the Gambling Commission over alleged bets relating to the date of the general election.

Most responses from our unique panel were damning.

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One 2019 Conservative voter said: “This is the final straw. I think this is over. It’s unattainable now and Rishi Sunak should step down and the Conservative Party has to start all over again.”

Another who also voted Tory in 2019 told us: “Makes you view the Tories in even a worse position than they currently are. It’s definitely doing them no favours.”

And for Tory voters who tell us they’re leaning towards Reform, this comment is striking.

“I don’t think the [alleged] betting scandal will have much of an impact on Sunak’s election campaign.

“I think it was doomed before… It’s just another nail in the coffin.”

Two other panellists used the same phrase.

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The language our panel used was resoundingly angry.

Looking at the words people used when talking about Rishi Sunak and the impact this could have on the Tories – “damaging”, “disgusting”, and “unsurprising” were among the most common.

The Sky News YouGov Voters’ Panel represents over 40 different constituencies, and a range of political views. At the start of the election campaign, they were all undecided who to vote for.

When asked whether the alleged scandal would impact how they vote, these are some of the responses among Conservative 2019 voters.

“I don’t think this is going to make much difference to the British and the Conservatives. They’re dead and buried in this election.”

Another said, “It comes across like he’s leading a bunch of clowns.

“He has absolutely no clue what they’re doing and what they’re up to and doesn’t really seem to have any control over them.”

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