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Ex-Lakers Star Trevor Ariza Reveals Dire Financial Situation in Divorce Battle Despite Making $116 Million in NBA

In a previous court filing, Trevor listed his monthly expenses. He said he paid $13k in child support for other children, $13k for his mortgage, $1,400 in maintenance, $8,900 for childcare, $1,500 on groceries, $3,000 on eating out, $800 on laundry, $3,500 on clothes, $3,200 on his kid’s education, $14k on various cars and $19k on “other” expenses.

Trevor listed his “other” expenses as $4k for an assistant, $5k to have his kids in basketball training, $400 for massages, $500 for boxing classes, $900 for manicures/pedicures, and $2,500 for his girlfriend.

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