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Two horses which bolted through central London in a ‘serious condition’ | UK News

Two horses which bolted and charged through central London on Wednesday are in a “serious condition”, a minister has said.

The Household Cavalry said the animals – which were taking part in what the army called a “routine exercise” in the Belgravia area – were spooked by builders dropping rubble from a height “right next to them”.

Defence minister James Cartlidge told Sky News on Thursday morning: “There were five horses. They have all been recovered.

“Three of them are fine, two of them are unfortunately in a relatively serious condition and obviously we will be monitoring that condition.”

He added: “They are in a serious condition, but as I understand, still alive.”

The minister also confirmed the names of the two animals, Vida and Quaker.

He stressed while the footage that emerged of the horses running through the capital was “dramatic”, it was “a very exceptional event”.

Four service personnel were thrown from their horses and the animals that ran loose smashed into vehicles, including a taxi and a bus.

One witness got off a bus and described seeing two horses, one black and the other white, “flying past”.

“The white one was drenched in blood from the chest down and they were galloping through the traffic at speed,” she said.

“People were stopping in the street shocked. The horses were running into fast-moving traffic and seemed terrified. Some unmarked police cars were chasing after them, which didn’t seem to be helping.

“I felt shocked. It was pretty gruesome. Felt like a weird dream.”

Some of the soldiers were taken to hospital for treatment for their injuries, which were not thought to be serious.

The animals are all receiving care from vets at Hyde Park barracks.

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