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UN HRC54: Universal Periodic Review Adoption – Mali

Thank you, Madame Vice-President,

The UK remains committed to supporting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of the people of Mali.  With attacks by jihadist groups on the rise, violations of the 2015 ceasefire and a deteriorating humanitarian situation, this has never been more important.

The UK therefore welcomes Mali’s engagement during its UPR, and the Transitional Administration’s stated commitment to upholding its obligations to ensure its defence and security forces are held accountable for violations. However, these commitments are not being put into action.

We are pleased that Mali accepted our recommendation on strengthening the rule of law, which is essential for ensuring accountability and long-term stability.

However, we are deeply concerned that Mali did not accept our recommendations to ensure access for independent human rights investigations, or to adopt crucial legislation proscribing sexual and gender-based violence. This is particularly concerning following the High Commissioner’s report into the mass killings by the Malian Armed Forces and Wagner Group of approximately 500 people in Moura last year.

We call on the Transitional Administration to urgently step up cooperation with the UN and civil society to thoroughly investigate these allegations, strengthen national mechanisms, hold perpetrators to account, and protect and promote the rights of the Malian people.  This is essential to ensuring Mali’s long-term security and prosperity.

Thank you.

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