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UN Human Rights Council 54: Statement on Cambodia

Thank you, Vice President.

The UK thanks the Special Rapporteur for his update on the human rights situation in Cambodia and welcomes the conclusions and recommendations in his latest report.

We recognise that Cambodia has made progress on economic, social and cultural rights. In particular, we commend Cambodia on its response to COVID-19, including on social protection, as well as its commitment to climate, education, and healthcare. 

The UK remains committed to working constructively with Cambodia in its efforts to advance all human rights, including by supporting the implementation of the benchmarks and recommendations set out in the Special Rapporteur’s report.

Following Cambodia’s national elections earlier this year, the UK supports the Special Rapporteur’s call for the new generation of leaders to open up civic and political space; engage in constructive dialogue with civil and political actors; and guarantee an open political environment.

Advancing freedom of speech, association, and thought would also serve to support Cambodia’s economic sector by encouraging greater innovation through the open sharing of ideas and information.

Special Rapporteur,

What are the most important measures that you believe the government of Cambodia needs to take to ensure an open civic space?

Thank you.

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