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UN Human Rights Council 54: UK Statement on Ukraine

Thank you, Mr President,

Let me be clear. The UK stands steadfast with the State and People of Israel. Terrorism cannot – will not – prevail. 

Mr President,

Speaking of terrorism, we condemn the depraved killing of more than 50 civilians in Hroza. There seems to be no low to which Russia will not stoop.

Russia’s claims to sovereign Ukrainian territory will never be recognised. Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are Ukraine.

The human rights violations committed by Russia in these regions are grave. Civilians tortured, raped and killed; homes, hospitals and schools shelled.

The forced transfer and deportation of innocent Ukrainian children to Russia and Russian-controlled territory.

Or its relentless attacks on Ukrainian grain and ports. Taking food out of the mouths of the world’s poorest in pursuit of its war of aggression

Representatives of Russia, do you not realise that this will be your legacy?

Destroyers of grain.

Executioners of the innocent.

Thieves of children.

The world sees what you are doing.

Russia must stop this needless suffering. Bring your troops home. End this war.

Deputy High Commissioner, faced with Russia’s continued acts of horror against the innocent, how can the OHCHR ensure that the needs of those in Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory are met?

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