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Usher Performs At ‘Lovers And Friends’ Show With No Visible Injuries

The eight-time Grammy winner took to Instagram before his set at the one-day festival to tell his fans, “Yo, we’re here having a great time. See you all at the show.”

In the video, the singer showed no signs of physical injuries following his alleged altercation with the Go Crazy singer at a roller-skating rink the night before.

Video footage surfaced online from Friday night, May 5, showing the two R&B artists talking up against the railing of the roller-skating rink when Brown appeared to shove Usher aside as he skated off into the crowd.

The two were there to celebrate the Next to You singer’s 34th birthday.

Eyewitnesses at the event claimed that the birthday boy had allegedly attempted to talk to Teyana Taylor, who was sitting on a bench outside the rink. The source further alleged that Taylor ignored Brown, and Usher rolled in to try to talk with him.

According to the eyewitness, when Brown told the crew he was with that they were leaving, Usher allegedly ran after him.

One report alleged that the 44-year-old R&B singer went behind a string of charter buses parked outside the rink where Brown and his crew were and later emerged from the parking lot with “a bloody nose.”

Both singers showed up to perform at the festival in Vegas to thousands of people, neither one event hinting at what went down the night before.

Brown performed first, hitting the outdoor stage in an all-white outfit, while Usher performed later that night wearing an all-black leather ensemble.

The music line-up also included R&B and hip-hop artists such as Da Brat, Lil’ Kim, Jhene Aiko, Boyz II Men, Pitbull, Nelly and Miguel.

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