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Visiting Vilnius – GOV.UK

We have further extended our international presence in the global social security community by representing the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) at a European conference.

Jon Andrews, an actuary at the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) delivered a presentation at the Actuarial Association of Europe’s (AAE) social security conference. Topics under discussion at the event included sustainability and climate-risk, insurance, risk management and pensions.

Social security

In GAD we continue to develop our international expertise in social security issues. We provide advice to social security organisations in other countries such as Canada, Zambia and Crown Dependencies. In the UK we are responsible for providing Parliament with reports on the financial status of the UK’s National Insurance Fund.

European meeting

This latest event was held in Vilnius, Lithuania and was organised by the AAE which represents actuarial associations in Europe. The AAE has 38 member associations representing more than 29,000 actuaries.

View of Vilnius. Credit: Jon Andrews

Social security and pensions discussions

Jon Andrews is a member of the AAE’s social security subcommittee. He gave a presentation on UK social security and pensions arrangements with a focus on adequacy, as well as the role of GAD in the UK.

Discussions centred around the relative importance of state pension, occupational pensions and personal pensions. The diversity of different arrangements and the relative prominence of these different forms of social security and pension provision in different countries was of particular interest.

Jon said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to meet actuaries from across Europe and to understand better how the UK system compares with systems in other European countries.

“I was also pleased to once again have the opportunity to represent both GAD and the IFoA.”

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