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Vladimir Putin’s Removal Could Lead To A ‘Volatile And Violent’ Regime

Vladimir Putin’s enemies are allegedly preparing to make their next move by circling the foreign leader’s position due to Russia’s volatile and unstable state, has learned.

Russian historian Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky claimed that if Putin were to be ousted, then “something terrible” would likely happen as a result.

“He has created the most volatile and violent regime since Hitler and Stalin’s time,” Felshtinsky told the Express. “If the moment comes when he will be replaced, it means that something catastrophic has happened.”

He claimed that the likely candidates to take over the Kremlin would be Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin or former President Dimitry Medvedev.

“Former President Medvedev might consider running for the presidency, but his influence primarily stems from his personal ties to Putin,” the historian told the outlet. “If Putin were to be removed, Medvedev would quickly fade away from the political scene due to their close association.”

As for Mishustin, Felshtinsky argued that the Russian Prime Minister would likely be an administrator due to his lack of significant recognition within Russia and its people.

He explained, “Although the Russian constitution mandates Mishustin to serve as Acting President until the next elections, he lacks support and is unlikely to leave a lasting impact.”

Russia has been left in a state of disarray due to the effects of both Putin’s reign and the military stand-off with Ukraine. For now, the Russian President remains in power, but with dissent on the horizon, what the future of Russia holds is yet to be seen.

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