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Zac Brown Sues Estranged Wife, Wants Temporary Restraining Order

Zac Brown has sued his estranged wife Kelly Yazdi, has learned. The country singer filed a lawsuit against his ex, claiming that a post on her feed violated confidentiality agreements she signed with him.

He’s seeking a temporary restraining order and asking a judge to block her from making false, defamatory, or otherwise harmful statements about him, per court documents obtained by TMZ.

Although Brown did not specify what post he was referring to, Yazdi seemingly obliquely accused the musician of “narcissistic abuse” in a series of posts beginning earlier this month.

“She is beginning again… Her sunshine breaking through the passing storm. Choosing to walk in grace and faith. Knowing that all is well and the truth will surface,” she wrote in the caption of a video posted on May 4. “The wildflower that willingly moved from her home in the name of love, not realizing the hands she trusted would plant her in a pot. The wild horse who once roamed free but chose to trust her partner, only to realize along their journey that his intention was to bridle her spirit.”

“She was the butterfly caught in a net disguised as love; wings torn and abandoned in the darkest and coldest winter of her life… but she escaped from his golden handcuffs and rediscovered her wings – her freedom. Her love was always unconditional. She thought his was too… But overtime it became apparent that he only knew conditional love; his unhealed trauma expressing itself thru his need to tame.”

“Don’t model anymore,” the post continued. “Take this picture off your Instagram. Don’t wear that in the house. Don’t post that bikini picture. Don’t post anymore fitness videos. Yes I said you could post that, but now I’m saying take it down. I don’t want other men looking at what is mine. I want to protect you, your body is sacred to me, can’t you see this is because I love you. I don’t want to be with the kind of woman who has to show off her body for attention. I will f—— leave you.”

“Projections. Gaslighting. Threatening. Stonewalling. Those are the ingredients of narcissistic abuse. That ‘love’ is conditional. ‘Love’ disguised as compromise when in reality, it was control. It nearly destroyed her… his betrayal forced her down a road through hell and brutal heartbreak, and the terrifying reality of narcissistic abuse… the scary truth that patiently waited to unmask itself only after vows were made.”

“But she stood in her faith through the storm. Remembering who she was before all of this. Remembering her sunshine was still there, ready to come back and fill her existence with the light she knew was always with her. Butterflies don’t belong in nets. Butterflies will never belong in nets. This is her rebirth; her renaissance. A true story that will one day help many others.”

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The Zac Brown Band singer separated from his first wife, Shelly Brown, in 2018. They were married for 12 years and share five children together.

“We feel blessed to be on such an incredible journey in life and sometimes the journey begins to lead in different directions. It is with deep love and respect that we announce we are separating as a couple,” they said at the time.

“We have led a whirlwind life together growing into a beautiful family with five amazing children and while life will be rearranging a bit, our love and commitment to our family will always be there. This was a difficult decision, but we’ve done plenty of tough things together and this is our next venture — love, mutual respect, and care for each other are what we are moving forward with.”

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