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Zach Bryan’s Bad Behavior EXPOSED in Police Report

Exclusive Details

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Zach Bryan was arrested on Thursday.

Sep. 8 2023, Published 4:21 p.m. ET

Zach Bryan didn’t give the complete story about his Oklahoma arrest. obtained the police report, revealing the country singer was “irate,” “argumentative,” threatened to call the mayor on the officer, and whined to his father about being arrested before ending up in the slammer on Thursday.

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The documents outlined the shocking details after the cop pulled over Bryan’s security guard, who was going 78 MPH in a 55 zone while driving a rented Hyundai SUV. The officer quickly “observed a large black Ram TRX pickup pull up along the passenger side of the SUV,” later revealed to be driven by the hitmaker.

According to the report, the policeman looked at the truck’s occupant as a “potential threat to his safety,” especially when Bryan began “waving his hands around and making furtive movements inside the pickup.”

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Source: Craig County Sheriff’s Office

He told the officer “I’ll go to jail, let’s do it” after refusing to get back into his vehicle.

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It didn’t take long for Bryan to exit his vehicle and “walk out of sight to the passenger window” of his security’s pulled-over vehicle. When the cop confronted him, the country singer — with a number-one hit song — replied that he was “wondering what is taking so long.”

Things escalated from there after Bryan refused to get back into his truck, can reveal.

When the officer warned the singer that he’d be taken to jail if he didn’t comply with the orders, Bryan boldly responded, “I’ll go to jail, let’s do it.” So, the cop threw handcuffs on him and stuck him in the front passenger seat of the patrol car while he finished the traffic stop.

According to the report, Bryan told the cop this is “why people do not like police officers” while cautioning that if he didn’t get out of the handcuffs, it would “be a mistake, sir. I promise.”

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zach bryan
Source: MEGA

He was placed in handcuffs and stuck in the front passenger seat of the police car.

Bryan also informed him of an incident days prior, adding, “These f—— cops are out of control,” and “You boys need checked, a bunch of f—- middle-aged white dudes arresting people.”

The singer said he had already called the DA and threatened to contact the mayor.



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“Bertram (the officer) maintained a professional and calm demeanor throughout the interaction with Bryan,” the report read. “Bryan was clearly aggravated and argumentative.”

At one point, the singer complained about the tightness of the handcuffs while continuing to whine about how long the traffic stop was taking.

zach bryan
Source: MEGA

His truck was towed and he was taken to jail.

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According to the report, the security guard called Bryan’s father at the singer’s request, hoping he’d come to the rescue after he was told the truck — which his dog was in — would be towed.

The country crooner regurgitated the incident to his dad — including when he told the officer to “f—- take me to jail then” — in which Bryan’s father reminded his son they were on speaker phone and the cop could hear their conversation.

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He apologized but left out some key details.

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In the end, Bryan was taken to Craig County Jail in Vinita, OK, and booked for obstruction of an investigation. He was released shortly after and apologized for his actions on social media. His truck was towed, and his security guard took possession of his dog.

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