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Infamous Zodiac Killer ‘Unmasked’ 54 Years After Killing Spree?

The breakthrough in the investigation came when a symbol connected to the killer was found near the former property of their main suspect, Gary Francis Poste. The symbol, a cross with a circle around it, was discovered on a wooden post in Groveland, California, during the clearing of scrubland.

Poste, an Air Force veteran who has since passed away, had been a person of interest for many years.

This significant discovery follows years of investigation by The Case Breakers, a team of elite hobby detectives with military and investigations backgrounds. Their relentless pursuit of the truth began in 2014 when a homeless man named Chris Avery approached retired news presenter Dale Julin with a startling claim.

According to Chris, his stepfather, Poste, was the Zodiac Killer, and he had attempted to murder Chris when confronted.

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