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Can you resit A-levels? What to do if you need to retake an exam, and when A-level results day 2023 is

Students up and down the country are currently sitting their A-level exams in the hope of gaining the grades that will allow them to take their next step in life.

Exams started on Monday 15 May and will continue over the coming weeks, with the final exams due to be taken on Tuesday 27 June.

A-level exams have returned to pre-pandemic arrangements for the second year running, after the classes of 2020 and 2021 had their grades assigned by teachers.

Students will then face an anxious wait over the summer ahead of results day, when they will find out if they achieved their desired grades and whether they may need to retake any exams.

When is A-level results day 2023?

A-level results day falls on Thursday 17 August 2023, with grades typically available to collect from schools and colleges at around 8am.

Times vary from place to place, though, and grades have previously been released by exam boards under embargo at 6am.

Pupils can go into their schools or colleges to collect their grades in person, though you should check with your institution or teachers to confirm when to arrive, as times will vary.

It may also be possible to receive your results via email or post – again, check with your institution to find out.

Students can also log into Ucas Track on results day to find out whether their specific university applications have been successful.

Ucas Track doesn’t show you the exact A-level grades you received, which students can only receive from their school or college. However, by confirming whether you have been accepted at your university of choice, it can often give a strong indication of your precise grades.

The website typically opens between 8am and 8.30am on results day, after being frozen in the days leading up to it.

Can I resit my A-levels?

Yes, if you missed out on your grades and decide you want to resit your A-levels, you can.

This can be a good option if, for example, you are set on a specific career choice that requires certain grades.

You cannot just resit certain modules, you must resit all of your exams for a subject. However, coursework grades can be retained.

What do I do if I need to retake an exam?

If you decide to retake an exam, you can choose to resit it at a school or college, or online.

If you wish to retake your exams at your current school or college, speak to your teacher.

Alternatively, you can enrol at a different college or sixth-form.

You’ll still attend classes and have a set timetable like at school and when it comes time for the exam, you’ll sit it at the college with your other classmates.

If you take the online route you can find private online tutors, and work more independently.

Online study also has a lot more flexibility as you’re not tied to a timetable, and don’t have to be in a physical classroom.

You will sit the in-person exams at the same time as all the other A-level students, but you are responsible for booking a place to sit them. You can do this by contacting your local school or college to ask if they accept private candidates.

How much does it cost to resit an exam?

When you retake your A-levels, you will have two types of fees to pay; course fees and exam fees.

Your course fees will cover your tuition and/or course materials and will vary depending on where and how you choose to study your A-levels.

The cost of taking the exams themselves also vary. For A-level exams, prices usually start at about £175 per subject, but at some centres you can expect to pay upwards of £400 per exam.

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