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Actress unveils tech platform to streamline Zimbabwean immigration to Canada |

Actress unveils tech platform to streamline Zimbabwean immigration to Canada

By Darlington Gatsi 

CANADA-based Nigerian actress and businesswoman, Bukky Abaniwonda has established an entrepreneurial company in Zimbabwe to facilitate the smooth immigration of Zimbabweans to the North American country.

Through technology, Shirah offers Zimbabweans a pathway to Canada, with seamless obtaining of a VISA.

Zimbabwe is the first Southern African country where Abaniwonda established the immigration facility.

Abaniwonda said she envisages Shirah to be a game-changer in Zimbabwe.

“The purpose of my visit is to extend and bring our technology to Zimbabwe. We built the immigration product that we truly believe is going to help and be a game changer in helping people find their options optimally to allow a smooth and seamless process to move into Canada,” said Abaniwonda.

The facility offers various opportunities and paths for locals to pursue in Canada such as academic, business and visits.

This further aids Zimbabweans who are already leaving the country in droves in search of better fortunes abroad.

Abaniwonda said she is working on establishing strategic partnerships with a local company in growing the fledgling initiative.

“As the people are finishing they will get training to make sure they are rop[ped into international standards and Zimbabwean schools are already doing that.

“I know that countries like Zambia have their children come here because of the standard of education in Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is known for its love for education. This kind of synergy which will be created as we go along is also something that can be of benefit,” said Abaniwonda.

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