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Air Canada apologises after passengers were kicked off flight for complaining about vomit-covered seats

Air Canada has issued an apology to passengers who were allegedly escorted off a plane for refusing to sit in a seat that had been covered in vomit on the previous flight.

The airline’s statement was prompted by a viral Facebook post by fellow passenger Susan Benson on board a flight from Las Vegas to Montreal on 26 August.

Ms Benson claimed that two unidentified women were “struggling to get seated” in front of her, and there was “a bit of a foul smell”. The flight attendants had attempted to clean the seats before the passengers boarded, “but clearly wasn’t able to do a thorough clean.”

“They placed coffee grinds in the seat pouch and sprayed perfume to mask the smell,” she wrote.

“When the clearly upset passengers tried to explain to the flight attendant that the seat and seatbelt were wet and there was still visible vomit residue in their area, the flight attendant was very apologetic but explained that the flight was full and there was nothing they could do.”

There was a back-and-forth between the passengers and the flight-attendant, according to Ms Benson, before a supervisor came over and reiterated that the flight was full and they would have to stay in their seats for the duration of the flight.

After that the pilot walked down the aisle and told the women “they had two choices” she wrote. “They could leave the plane on their own accord and organise flights on their own dime, or they would be escorted off the plane by security and placed on a no-fly list!”

“When they asked why, he said they were rude to the flight attendant. They were certainly not! They were upset and firm, but not rude!” added Ms Benson.

Despite another passenger trying to explain the situation, the two women were escorted off the flight by security.

“For what? Refusing to sit in vomit for five hours! Air Canada literally expects passage to sit in vomit or be escorted off the plane and placed on a no-fly list!”

Ms Benson wrote that she did not know whether they were placed on a no-fly list, but that she had complained to the airline and urged people to share the post. She also called for legal action against Air Canada.

“I am ashamed to be a Canadian and ashamed of Air Canada,” she wrote. “Shame on you Air Canada! Shame on you!”

Her post has received over 6,000 shares and 3,000 likes.

Air Canada told CNN that they had issued an apology to the passengers “as they clearly did not receive the standard of care to which they were entitled.

“We are reviewing this serious matter internally and have followed up with the customers directly as our operating procedures were not followed correctly in this instance,” the statement continued.

“We remain in contact with them about this matter,” the airline added.

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