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Convicted Killer Alex Murdaugh To Be Deposed in Prison Over Alleged Insurance Fraud Scheme

Nautilus filed court documents on October 4, 2023, seeking permission to grill Murdaugh behind bars where he is serving life in prison for the heartless execution style shooting murders of his wife, Maggie, 52, and sone Paul, 22 in June 2021.

But the insurance company acknowledged it would have to wait until later this year to question the 55-year-old monster who faces two other money-making fraud cases in federal and state courts.

“Mr. Murdaugh, the first-named Defendant in this case, has requested that he be protected from deposition until after his trial on state criminal charges, a trial set to begin on November 27, Nautilus is amenable to this request, and respectfully requests that the Court authorize Nautilus to take Mr. Murdaugh’s deposition following the conclusion of his upcoming trial,” the court documents stated.

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