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Amanda Knox loses bid to overturn slander conviction in Italy

Amanda Knox has lost her bid to overturn a slander conviction in Italy after she was previously cleared of the brutal 2007 murder of her flatmate in 2007.

Ms Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito spent four years in prison after being convicted over the killing of 21-year-old fellow student Meredith Kercher at the women’s shared home in Perugia.

The murder began a long legal saga in which Ms Knox was found guilty, acquitted in 2011, before being found guilty again and finally cleared of all charges in 2015.

Ms Knox had been given a three-year sentence for slander, but will not go to jail as she has already spent four years in prison.

The slander conviction was for accusing a Congolese bar owner of the murder during an interrogation by Italian police. Patrick Lumumba, who owned a bar where she worked part-time in Perugia, was wrongfully accused of having committed the crime and spent two weeks in jail, before he was released after a witness came forward with an alibi for him.

This was the only charge against Ms Knox that withstood five court rulings that ultimately exonerated her. She had argued in court in Florence this week that her slander conviction should be overturned because of her treatment by police.

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