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Biden faces pressure from senior Democrats to step aside, reports say

Pressure for Joe Biden to step aside has escalated again, this time from high-profile House Democrats, according to reports.

On a leadership call on Sunday called by House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, some House Democrats said that Biden should step aside as presidential candidate, a source told the Reuters news agency.

“It was pretty brutal,” a senior Democratic aide told CNN.

One source told the broadcaster concerns were raised during the call that Democrats will lose their chance at the House majority if Biden is the candidate, and said it was generally acknowledged the nominee should be Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to US media reports, representatives Jerrold Nadler, Adam Smith, Mark Takano and Joe Morelle, senior House Democrats who sit on the Judiciary, Armed Services, Veterans Affairs and House Administration committees, were among those who called on Biden to step aside.

A Democratic National Committee member from Florida, Alan Clendenin, joined calls urging Biden to step aside on Sunday.

“Joe Biden will be remembered by historians as one of the finest presidents in American history, but this election is about the next four years, not the last three and a half,” Clendenin said.

However Biden, 81, has vowed to stay in the race, dismissing calls for him to drop out as “nonsense” in a fundraising email on Saturday.

The US president received a warm welcome at a Black church in Philadelphia and later traveled to the Pennsylvania state capital, Harrisburg, for an event with union members on Sunday.

Biden addressed the congregation in Philadelphia for a little more than six minutes, saying: “We must unite America again. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Accompanying Biden, Democratic Senator John Fetterman told a local campaign headquarters after church: “There is only one person in the country that’s ever kicked Trump’s ass in an election and that is your president.”

Five US politicians have publicly called for Biden to end his reelection bid, including Representative Angie Craig of Minnesota, the first Democratic member of the House of Representatives from a battleground district, with others said to be poised to join in.

Two letters are circulating among House Democrats calling for Biden to step aside, House Democratic sources have said.

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