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Braai Out, Winky D’s coronation as fete bows out in style

By Darlington Gatsi

WHILE the world was provided a front row seat, witnessing the coronation of British monarch, King Charles, Harare was crowning its dancehall emperor Winky D.

Just like its name, Kingfisher nestled in the capital, Winky D was treated to royalty by the multitudes who showed up for his much anticipated show.

Braai Out – which may be the last of its kind – proved to be a crowning moment for Winky D who has etched himself in the hearts of many Zimbabweans through his deep lyrics.

If Winky D needed reassurance of his anointing after a turbulent period which has seen him being on the radar of authorities, Braai Out moment provided.

Winky D rattled the regime through his social commentary which castigated corruption and greed of elites.

Bigman as Winky D is affectionately known has seen his shows being disrupted by police.

Winky D last week in Bulawayo confirmed he had been warned against performing “ibotso”.

“Let me talk, I have been cautioned, I have been warned and they said if you sing that particular song there is going to be disaster; so, I do not want disaster here.

“I want people to have fun, I want people to party, I want to see every gaffer in full enjoyment, every gaffer who is here to party. Can I see a signal early Sunday morning, I want every gaffer in the place, Maninja.”

“They want to arrest the music, they must leave the music to flow like the water in the river, they don’t have to control my playlist, I have to play what I want, I have to play what you want,” he said

Performing in Harare for the first time since January when he launched his album “Eureka Eureka ”, Winky D lived up to his name, Bigman.

Standing tall on the shoulders of his legion of supporters, Winky was the main braai pack for the fete.

Probably mourning the stifling of freedom of expression Winky D opened up his set with “hatiperekedzane” and “panorwadza moyo

With the venue swarmed by police Winky D could not be shaken, going back into time churning out his yesteryear hits.

The dancehall maestro turned a deaf ear to fans suggesting he performs “ibotso“.

At the twilight age of 40, it is beyond any shadow of doubt that Winky D has transformed himself into an emperor of a kingdom of his followers as was proven at the Braai Out.

This is a kingdom that believes in using artistic prowess to be a voice of subalterns.

A thorn in the flesh for some, Winky D has proved to be a hero in the eyes of many young people.

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