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Shocking Video Shows Moment Maniac Bashes Bike Shop Worker and Bites Cop

New York City was met with more carnage this week when a violent altercation took place outside a bike shop in Queens, can report.

In a sudden development to come just hours after two NYPD officers were shot by a gunman in the New York City borough early Monday morning, another startling incident unfolded just before 1 PM outside the Fly E-Bike shop on 42nd Street near Broadway in Astoria.

The footage also showed another individual emerge from the store and pursue the attacker off-screen and into the street.

Meanwhile, someone from inside the store intervened and stabbed the helmet-wielding suspect in the stomach amid the chaos. The initial aggressor then went on to smash the helmet into the bike shop’s window.

Flash forward to a few moments later, and officers with the NYPD responded to the scene to try to contain the chaotic situation.

While the authorities tried to detain the belligerent man, their efforts were met with resistance. One of the officers was bitten on the hand by the assailant during a struggle that ultimately ended with both the assailant and the officer on the ground.

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