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EMS Report In Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Death Remains Top Secret

The city of New York is refusing to release a copy of the paramedic’s report on the mysterious prison death of Jeffrey Epstein – not even to his own next of kin, has exclusively learned.

The stunning revelation is fueling speculation by his family that the Bureau of Prisons — in cahoots with the city — is allegedly trying to bury key evidence in the August 2019 death of the billionaire pedophile found hanging inside his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC).

What’s more, the vital first responder’s report was surprisingly missing from the Department of Justice’s Inspector General Office’s quintessential 128-page investigative report into Epstein’s death that took 4 years complete.

Renowned attorney Stacey Richman, who represents Epstein’s brother, exclusively told she has been trying to get a copy of the report since 2019 – only to get stonewalled by officials.

Mark Epstein has already received the medical examiner’s report along with a grisly array of photographs of his dead brother — but for some reason, the EMS report is sacrosanct for his eyes.

“I just find it interesting that there are so many things that are not included in Inspector General’s report that would have been logical investigative things that they could’ve done,” Richman said. “I would think having the (Emergency Medical Technician’s) report attached would be a significant piece of information – it completes the narrative.”

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden who insists Epstein’s neck fractures were consistent with manual strangulation – not suicide – also blasted the Inspector General’s report for ignoring the EMS report altogether.

“Where is the ambulance report – which would be more valuable than relying on what the (two corrections officers) that found Epstein said and refused to initially give any information,” Dr. Baden asked.

“The autopsy report was released to the family but not the EMS report – the only evidence that gives you an independent assessment of the body’s condition at the time of death,” Dr. Baden said. “The paramedics file a 3-to-4-page report that has a lot of important information on it… Otherwise, (investigators) are relying on the two guards that moved the body.”

Dr. Baden and Richman know Epstein was discovered inside his cell at 6:30 AM with a noose made from bed sheets wrapped around his neck — but everything else after the fact remains shrouded in mystery.

The Inspector General’s report – accidentally or on purpose – raises questions about the condition of Epstein’s body which was moved before paramedics arrived.

“The (prison’s) Clinical Nurse’s memorandum reads that Epstein was cold, with circumferential bruising around his neck and posterior mottling (skin coloration), pupils fixes and dilatated, and no palpable pulses were felt,” the Inspector General’s report stated.

Dr. Baden, who spent 50 years as the pathologist for the New York State Correction Medical Review Board which investigates all deaths inside prison and jail cells, estimates Epstein was DEAD for about two hours before being discovered based on the “Clinical Nurse’s” written statement.

After cutting Epstein down, a decision was made to move his corpse to the MCC Health Services Unit treatment room where CPR was administered until EMS arrived, the Inspector General’s report stated.

“EMS and paramedics arrived on the scene, intubated Epstein, and gave him medications and fluids, the report stated. “Epstein was transported to the local emergency room with CPR in progress at approximately 7:10 a.m.”

Dr. Baden told moving Epstein’s corpse is extremely suspicious.

“If this was a New York City case the body would not have been disturbed,” he explained detailing the difference between the state and federal prison protocols. “Whoever was in charge decided to move the body before EMS arrived.”

Dr. Baden told the EMS report details the time of death, whether rigor mortis had set, and, more importantly, why they rushed him to the hospital if he was already dead.

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For now, the EMS report remains top secret — not even worthy of a painstakingly crafted report by the federal government.

“I put in a Freedom of Information Act request because there is no active case in which I can issue a subpoena,” Richman told “I don’t know if they don’t want to or if they are too busy – I don’t know but there is no reason we can’t have it at this juncture, and I’ve been seeking it from the onset.”

When asked if it was unusual for the city to withhold the EMS report from family members, she said: “I really don’t have anything to compare it to because how much more unusual of a situation can we get with this case.”

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