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Disgraced Cop Derek Chauvin Facing $9 Million Excessive Force Lawsuit

As we previously reported, a medical examiner ruled Floyd’s death a homicide, noting heart disease and drug use contributed to his death, but restraint of his body and compression of his neck were the primary causes.

Chauvin is currently serving more than 22 years in prison after his 2021 conviction for second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. He was also sentenced to 21 years in prison on federal civil rights charges as part of a plea agreement, for which he is serving time concurrently.

Chauvin and Jensen received a call to head to 41st Avenue South on a report of a possibly intoxicated driver with their vehicle stuck in a snowbank, according to the new lawsuit.

Day’s van got stuck after she pulled over due to realizing she was too intoxicated to drive, per the filing. She had drank earlier that day, napped and then awoke to pick up her child from daycare.

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