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Latest as firefighters rushed into Greece from around EU after temperatures hit 47°C

Heatwaves are continuing to scorch huge swathes of Europe with evacuations occurring in several countries where temperatures have soared to the high 40s.

Firefighters from across the continent have been rushed to Greece to battle wildfires as a fresh heatwave looms amid already tinderbox conditions. Teams from Romania, Poland and Slovakia are due to arrive to help, while Israel has promised to send two firefighting planes. Four Italian and French planes are already in use near Athens.

In the US, the city of Phoenix in Arizona has reached temperatures of 43.3°C for 20 consecutive days, breaking its record, while El Paso has seen a scorching 37.8°C and above for 34 days now. Miami is also experiencing an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures climbing to 46°C.

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