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The Disturbing Notes Accused Gilgo Killer Rex Heuermann Kept About Alleged Murders

This week, he faced fresh charges for the alleged murders of Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla. They were all in their 20s when they died, and their bodies were found scattered on and around Gilgo Beach more than a decade ago.

The document presented in court reportedly included a “Things to Remember” section, where Heuermann allegedly wrote himself notes for “next time,” like “hit harder,” along with a reminder to use heavier rope, because “light rope broke under [stress of being tightened],” the New York Post reported.

The defendant’s use of the words, “next time,” were viewed as an indication that he had more slayings planned, according to the district attorney, who wrote in a court filing, “The Gilgo Homicide Task Force members believe these references to ‘next time’ indicate Heuermann’s prior experience and what changes to implement moving forward.”

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