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Holy Ten cannot be cancelled – says Enzo Ishall; defends rapper’s ‘ED huchi’ endorsement

By Reason Razao | Senior Reporter

ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Enzo Ishall is in the eye of the storm after defending Holy Ten’s decision to support President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the general elections.

Ishall, real name Kudzanai Mamhare, who is closely linked with Zanu PF said the backlash by netizens infringes on the democratic rights of supporting a political party of choice.

In an Instagram post, Ishall queried on the meaning of democracy while arguing that Holy Ten was bigger than the cancel culture.

“What is democracy,” queried Ishall.

“Holy Ten cannot be cancelled, he is bigger than that now, it’s too late, no one can ruin a God given talent,” he added.

One X, formerly Twitter user, Mufudzi dismissed Ishall’s arguments on democracy saying the ruling party had committed crimes against humanity.

“The debate of ‘democracy’ does not arise when discussing Zanu PF. It committed crimes against humanity. Our memories cannot be too short to remember 2008,” Mufudzi said.

Another user, Blaz Vekumasvingo said Ishall was merely extending his begging bowel.

“Most of these young artists are enablers. Enzo once said I am quitting music after he had hit hard times, yet is was just a begging stick being extended. He was helped by those guys so he will always bootlick them if it’s not worth it.

“They are just beggars and they cannot stand on their own,” he said.

Holy Ten is seen in a video making rounds on social media, applauding projects undertaken by Mnangagwa in the past five years.

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