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Zimbabwe to have fresh, free and fair elections  despite Mnangagwa’s resistance – CCC

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) has challenged the ruling Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) that whether they like it or not, Zimbabwe will soon have fresh, free and fair elections.

CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi wrote on X that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be forced to go on the ballot box again after an election that was condenmed by the regional bloc Southern Africa Development Committee (SADC) and the international community last month.

The opposition political party leader Nelson Chamisa refused to accept President Mnangagwa’s win where he got 52.6% of the vote against his’ 44% alleging the election was rigged.

“Mnangagwa will be dragged to a fresh, free & fair election kicking & screaming.

“A fresh election is inevitable. Let us use every peaceful & democratic means available & permissible to bring forth the elections.

“A fresh election beyond Mnangagwa’s wishes. The decision to conduct a fresh election in Zimbabwe is not Mr. Mnangagwa’s decision. It is a decision of all stakeholders in Zimbabwe and the region,” Mkwananzi said.

The firebrand CCC spokesperson added that his party was aware that “Mr Mnangagwa barred the late former President Robert Mugabe from leaving office in 2008 when he had lost to the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.”

He said Mugabe had chosen to do the right thing to pave way for the newly elected President Tsvangirai.

“This was revealed by Mnangagwa himself, boasting that he and his lot had wantonly disregarded the will of the people & forced Mugabe to stay.

“As @CCCZimbabwe, we have already refused to accept the result. President @nelsonchamisa and his chief election agent did not sign off those sham results,” Mkwananzi stressed.

Chamisa, he added, had already stated that “what is currently governing is an illegal, illegitimate interim defacto arrangement peaceful means would be used make sure a re-election will be done.

“Our focus is on organising and mobilizing towards a fresh election which will have to come through a transitional authority sheperded by SADC and a new, independent & professional body in place of @ZECzim,” he highlighted.

Mkwananzi urged Zimbabweans not to despair or be discouraged by anyone.

His remarks come at a time when Zimbabwe’s government is fighting with the West and some of the SADC countries over the so called ”sham’ election.

Last week Zimbabwe’s War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa warned United States of America, Britain, Belgium and Zambia not to interfere with the country’s sovereignty.

Mutsvangwa boasted Zimbabwe owned SADC and that all revolutionary political parties in the region were in its support.

Zambia has become an enemy after SADC’s Observer Mission in Zimbabwe which was headed by it’s national Nevers Mumba reported that the election was flawed.

This angered Zanu PF and a war of words between Zambia and Zimbabwe has erupted in the past few weeks.

A virtual SADC Troika meeting held last Wednesday showed all was not well between the two nations.

SADC has since responded to attacks by the Zanu PF government alleging the insults on election observers undermine SADC’s credibility.

The EO-MCO Troika on Wednesday said that SEOMS are in line with the SADC principles and guidelines governing democratic elections and may have a negative impact on future SEOMs, with a potential to ‘damage the credibility of SADC as an institution.’

Zimbabwe’s Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, in this week’s edition of the state-run newspaper,  The Sunday Mail said Zimbabweans were having real difficulties in digesting Chamisa’s continuing public actions, after his trouncing by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Chamisa was defeated in the just-ended harmonised elections: fair and square, in spite of himself. He knows it, and admits to as much in private moments.

“Let me put it more accurately: ED and his Party, Zanu PF, outflanked America and Europe in their sinister designs on us, our resources and, thereby, on our country,” Charamba said.



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