INTERVIEW: EFF fights in Kasukuwere’s corner; says Zanu PF behaving like a dictator, calls on Chamisa to support his battle

By Darlington Gatsi

SOUTH AFRICAN opposition, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has castigated attempts by Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu PF to elbow out its erstwhile commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, from the Presidential race saying it is a hallmark of dictatorship.

Kasukuwere appears to have secured an ally in the form of EFF as he attempts to secure his name on the ballot paper ahead of August 23 general elections.

The former cabinet minister is before the Supreme Court appealing a judgment barring him from contesting.

High Court ruled in favour of Lovedale Mangwana, a Zanu PF activist who approached it seeking the nullification of Kasukuwere’s candidature arguing he had not been a resident of Zimbabwe for a period exceeding 18 months.

The ruling was met with criticism by political activists with Kasukuwere saying Mnangagwa is using the judiciary to fight a personal battle.

Exiled Zimbabwean politician Saviour Kasukuwere

In an interview with, EFF secretary general, Marshall Dlamini said the use of State organs to fight political battles sets wrong political precedence.

“You do not use State organs to suppress political contestation. Tyson must be allowed to contest. Why are they scared to let him be allowed to contest? Tyson must be supported and he must succeed for democracy to prevail in Zimbabwe. If people are going to use State organs and resources to suppress democracy then we are in a dictatorship.

“If it starts with Tyson then they call their friends in South Africa and tell them this is how you do it and by the next time EFF is not allowed to contest. It is wrong and it must be allowed and it must not be celebrated,” said Dlamini.


Political activists have predicted Kasukuwere’s nullification, if it is upheld, will have a major impact on Zimbabweans living abroad who wish to cast their votes.

Tyson as Kasukuwere is known has been in self-imposed exile after fleeing to South Africa in the aftermath of a 2017 military coup that deposed then President Mugabe.

His candidature has reportedly rattled Zanu PF and Mnangagwa as there is fear that he might divide the ruling party’s votes.

Dlamini further told how fellow opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s voice will be crucial as Kasukuwere fights to contest in this year’s election.

“We condemn it and we wish Tyson fights and must never retreat. He must use all avenues available to him to make sure he is on the ballot. We support his fight, he must not retreat in fighting in courts and everywhere else.

“The other opposition party, Chamisa. He must not keep quiet. They are supposed to join in this fight and say there must be fairness and these elections must be free including allowing candidates to participate, If the ruling party succeeds it means the next one is Chamisa,” he added.

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