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INTERVIEW: Zanu PF, ANC Siamese twins whose end is nigh – says EFF

By Darlington Gatsi

SOUTH African opposition, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has described Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu PF and ANC as two peas in a pod whose involvement in corruption is a signal of their political demise.

Governing parties, Zanu PF and ANC have been mired in controversies emanating from corruption that the two have failed to tackle.

In Zimbabwe, senior Zanu PF officials were exposed in an explosive investigative docu-series that laid bare how elites are involved in a web of money laundering using State institutions.

Mnangagwa, his allies Uebert Angel and Pedzisai Scott Sakupwanaya were name-dropped in the exposè titled ‘Gold Mafia’.

Since the release of the Al Jazeera documentary, no arrests have been with the government promising to “investigate”.

Just like Mnangagwa, Cyril Ramaphosa has been found in the corruption spotlight after millions of United States dollars were found stashed in a sofa prompting the EFF to call for his resignation.


In an interview with EFF secretary general Marshall Dlamini said Zanu PF and ANC have proved that they have no wherewithal to address corruption in their respective countries.

“The reality is that the former liberation movements by nature do not go beyond transforming society. They know by nature they are going to die a natural death. That is why the leaders can see that the day is coming and that eventually, they are going to die a natural death. They start doing things that are unethical, things that are wrong. On the stealing of Cyril, he does not steal on the basis that he wants more but he can see that the ANC is nearing an end.

“It is the nature of the liberation movements. They can see power is going that is why they want to still as much as they can. Some of them take money and stash out of this country so that when the time comes they can take their families and disappear,” said Dlamini.

Mnangagwa heads into an election scheduled for August 23 on the back of a failed expedition to tackle corruption.

When he replaced Robert Mugabe in a military-assisted coup in 2017, Mnangagwa promised to eradicate corruption in all state institutions.

His promise has failed to see the light of day with senior government officials arrested only to be acquitted in what the opposition has described as a catch-and-release syndrome.

Dlamini told that both ANC and Zanu PF appear to have lost direction and lack ideas to transform their economies.

“They are not good leaders. That is why we are contesting the ANC. We want to remove it from power because they have no idea how to grow the economy. The countries have evolved, they need fresh ideas and that cannot be found in the liberation movements,” said Dlamini.

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