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Missouri Teen Overcoming Dizzy Spells, Starting to Walk

Another girl took Kaylee’s head and repeatedly hit it on the pavement during the March 8 brawl which was captured on camera, showing her convulsing before EMTs arrived on the scene at the intersection of Norgate and Claudine drives near Hazelwood East High School.

“She walks without assistance now but we do have to walk right beside her, she has a belt she wears around her waist that we hold on too because her balance and equilibrium gets thrown off pretty easily,” according to an update from her mom, April. “She gets dizzy spells often so we do have to be right there with her just in case she were to lose her balance.”

Kaylee’s family said she is currently wearing a helmet and doctors are planning to put her “left bone-flap back in” at a later time after having to remove it so that her brain could have the space needed to swell and heal from her injuries.

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