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Labour now leads Tories on every major issue facing the country piling more pressure on Rishi Sunak

Labour is ahead of the Conservatives on every single major issue facing the UK, including the cost of living crisis, the wider economy, immigration and the NHS, a new poll shows.

In a further sign of the trouble the Tories find themselves in, the party lags behind Labour on each of the main policy areas as well as on headline voting intention.

The polling, conducted by BMG Consulting for i, shows that on the major issues voters trust Labour more, although in several other pressing matters the public is still wholly undecided choosing “none of the above”.

On the cost of living crisis, more than double the proportion of respondents said Labour would be best placed to tackle the issue, with 35 per cent choosing the party over just 17 per cent for the Tories. Some 31 per cent said none of the political parties are well-suited to managing it.

When it came to the NHS – the second most pressing concern for voters – again Labour was well ahead of the Conservatives with 38 per cent of respondents choosing Labour, while just 14 per cent named the Tories, well behind “none of the above” on 30 per cent.

Respondents named the fixing of the wider economy as their next priority, with Labour 10 points ahead of the Tories in this metric. Thirty-one per cent named Sir Keir Starmer’s party as best placed to manage the economy, the same proportion as those who said none of the political parties could fix it.

What will particularly concern Rishi Sunak is that the Tories are prone to calling themselves the party of homeownership and the party of law and order, but they are again behind on both issues.

More than double the proportion of people (35 per cent) said Labour should be trusted to deal with the housing crisis, as opposed to the Tories (16 per cent). On crime, the Conservatives were nine points behind with Labour on 29 per cent to the Tories’ 20 per cent.

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