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LATEST: Prominent Mnangagwa critic faces Sunday deportation; CCC colleagues warn his life in danger if returned to Harare

By UK Correspondent

LAWYERS representing opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Tafadzwa Chivaura, confirmed Sunday that he was due for deportation in the evening,

Chivaura, former MDC youth treasurer for the United Kingdom and Ireland, is one of six CCC activists who were in detention awaiting deportation after their asylum claims failed.

He joined CCC upon its formation at the beginning of last year. He did not retain the same position he had with the now defunct MDC UK after CCC leader Nelson Chamisa ruled out establishment of a leadership structure as part of a strategy to avoid infiltration by the Harare government.

Lawyers representing Chivaura told Sunday afternoon that he was due for deportation on a flight scheduled to leave London in the evening.

CCC party members in the UK warned that Chivaura’s life would be in danger the moment he lands in Harare.

“The deportation is being carried out at a time of violence and high political tension in Zimbabwe due to ongoing campaigning for the August 2023 general elections,” said founding MDC activist and CCC member Patson Muzuva.

“A CCC member was recently stoned to death by a mob of ruling Zanu PF party supporters who were trying to stop our rally in in the capital. It, therefore, beggars belief that Chivaura, a well known CCC member and critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa is being deported at this time.

“We appeal to the authorities to stop this deportation and save his life. He was a youth leader of the MDC in the UK and Ireland and has written many articles criticising the Zimbabwean leader and his government over political repression and human rights abuses.

“He is a very active member of the CCC in the UK and Ireland and took a leadership role in all party activities, including helping to raise funds for the upcoming elections.”

“He will likely get picked up by the security services upon landing in Harare. So this deportation needs to be stopped.”

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