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All the theories surrounding missing man’s disappearance

In 1995, 27-year-old Marcus Rigby suddenly moved away from his home in Grange Over Sands, Cumbria, deciding to start a new life by the sea in Dorset.

Her told his family he would “call in a week” – only for that call never to come.

Several decades on and Mr Rigby’s family is still hopeful, with his sister saying: “We are waiting for that day when we hear something.”

As part of their ongoing series Vanished: The Seach For Britain’s Missing, Channel 5 will look back on where Mr Rigby could be and if he is still alive.

When did Marcus Rigby go missing?

Nearly 30 years ago Mr Rigby seemed to have vanished into thin air. His sister, Sam Heke – who has suffered the death of a sister – spoke about the loss of her two family members, saying: “There was a finality to that, there isn’t to this.”

Mr Rigby met up with his mum soon after he left home, telling her he was heading to the West Country to make a fresh start.

It has since been confirmed that he had stayed with his aunt for a few days before heading to Weymouth to look for work.

“We are still here for him and we’d love him to be in touch with us – that’s why we don’t give up. We want him to know we haven’t forgotten about him. We do think he’s out there somewhere,” she told the Daily Mail.

“If he’s still out there – he’s still welcome home.”

In a previous Channel 5 programme about his disappearance, Mr Rigby was described as a “very gentle, kind-natured person who had a great sense of humour”.

What are the theories behind his disappearance?

The last known sighting of Mr Rigby was at a bed and breakfast in Artists Row in Portland, six months after he disappeared.

The location came as no surprise to his family as he had been a very keen and talented artist, working on charcoal drawings and clay sculpting.

This led his family to believe he wanted to begin his life afresh without any contact with his parents or sisters.

Since then, there have reportedly been a number of other “credible sightings”, over a period of several years, all in the Weymouth area.

Some theories suggest he now goes by the name Marc Smith.

“Maybe he’s living under the radar, either under a new identity or perhaps working for cash in hand, that sort of thing,” Ms Heke said.

His other sister, Nicola Earnshaw, however, said his lack of contact was out of character for him, describing Mr Rigby as a ”lovely person, family-orientated, and a dutiful son”.

In 2023, Weymouth police found a man with no recollection of who he was or where he came from, prompting hope it could be Mr Rigby.

Ms Heke soon poured cold water on the theory, explaining: “I wasn’t convinced. But you don’t ever want to not follow up something for it to turn out later it was him.”

Earlier this year, a new artificial intelligence programme analysing masses of data was employed to aid investigators examining the case.

It helped confirm a photo as the last-known one taken of him, which made it possible to create age-progression images.

Speaking about what it was like still not knowing where her brother was, Ms Earnshaw said: “It’s like having a hole missing in your family. It always has been. It always will be until we know what the answer is. It’s like you are never complete really.

“We’re always waiting, expecting.”

Each year the family buy Mr Rigby a Christmas present in the hope he will one day return.

How to watch the documentary

Series two, episode one of Vanished: The Seach For Britain’s Missing will air on Channel 5 at 7pm on 26 June.

The documentary will also be available on catch-up on My 5.

Anyone who has any information to help find Mr Rigby can contact the charity Missing People on 116 000, a free and confidential number.

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