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O.J. Simpson FBI Files Related to Murder Case Revealed

Fiber samples, hair strands, and blood stains were all contained and taken in for testing. It was noted that debris from the shovel located in O.J.’s car was also sent to the criminologist.

“There was a shovel that was approximately 5 feet long,” Detective Mark Fuhrman previously said about the discovery. “It was, I can’t remember if it was a pointed or a flat-nosed shovel but it was turned point down, in other words, the cutting edge down. And there was a large piece of heavy-gauge plastic that was tucked in the side cargo area in the rear part of the vehicle.”

The former NFL star was tried in connection with the brutal 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman at her Los Angeles, California, home, and was ultimately acquitted after a dramatic 11-month legal showdown.

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