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POLAD members back Mnangagwa in upcoming election so he can ‘complete’ unfinished projects  

By Leopold Munhende | Chief Correspondent

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has received the backing of four ‘opposition’ parties in his Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) platform.

POLAD Chairperson Francis Danha who led the 1980 Freedom Movement, Welcome Shumba of the New Patriotic Party (NPF) and Melbah Dzapasi of the Divine Alliance for Vitalisation of Inspired Development (DAVID) have all endorsed Mnangagwa.

Nationalists Alliance Party’s (NAP) Divine Hove told he will also be backing the Zanu PF candidate because there were still other issues that were outstanding which they wanted Mnangagwa to finish off.

Hove said he came to this conclusion after realising that he would not be able to afford the US$20,000 fee put for Presidential aspirants.

“This decision came out of the fact that we are not participating in the presidential race this year,” said Hove.

“We are backing Mnangagwa because we could not raise the money which was required, and we believe there are a number of issues he had been tackling but are not yet complete.

“We realised that since we had already been working with Mnangagwa, having seen some of our own ideas for development being considered and coming to life we felt it is necessary that we give him our support.”


Out no less than 17 parties in POLAD, only National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku will be contesting Mnangagwa for a second time.

The platform was created for Mnangagwa’s losing opponents in 2019 and has over the years been heavily criticised for wining and dining with him.

Added Hove: “Those who say we have sold out have always said that. There is no need for us to continue fighting when we have to be developing this country.”

POLAD Principals have for the past five years been enjoying government perks that include top-of-the-range vehicles, flights to resort towns and VIP treatment at state functions despite the fact that most of its members failed to get a percentage of the 2018 vote.

It is not yet clear if Mnangagwa will continue the project which at a certain time had the likes of then MDC President Thokozani Khupe. 

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