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When is Pride Month 2023? The key UK events for June’s LGBT+ celebration and when the London parade is

June is Pride Month which celebrates LGBTQ+ communities and marks the month when the Stonewall riots took place.

The uprising happened in 1969 in New York City and was a turning point for gay rights for a lot of people in America and other regions of the world.

Here is a look at some of the events taking place this Pride.

What happened in the Stonewall riots?

A series of protests took place by members of the gay community in response to a police raid that began in the early hours of 28 June 28, 1969, at the gay club, the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City.

The Stonewall riots, also known as the Stonewall uprising, took place over several days ending on 3 July, 1969.

To mark the first anniversary of the riots the first gay pride marches took place in Chicago, Los Angeles New York and San Francisco.

‘The Stonewall Inn’, the site of the 1969 raid by police in New York City (Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

American, Brenda Howard is known as ‘The Mother of Pride’ after she and a committee organised the first-ever gay pride march.

Following the riots, gay rights groups sprang up around the world.

The name “Pride” for the movement was suggested by L Craig Schoonmaker, an activist and member of the New York planning committee.

Meanwhile. in the UK the Stonewall Group was founded on 24 May 1989.

On June 6, 2019, New York City Police Commissioner James P O’Neill made a formal apology for the actions of officers at Stonewall in 1969.

He said: “The actions taken by the NYPD were wrong, plain and simple. The actions and the laws were discriminatory and oppressive, and for that, I apologise.”

What events are taking place for Pride?

Here are just some events that are happening around Pride month.

When is Global Pride Day?

International Pride Day is on 28 June 2023 with concerts and other events planned.

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