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Why is it raining so much in the UK? Latest Met Office weather forecast and when the rain will stop

If you’re sick of seeing rain this summer, you’re out of luck — it’s forecast to keep coming for the next while.

Europe is sweltering under extreme heat that has led to major wildfires in countries like Greece and Spain.

But in the UK, the Met Office is a mix of rain and sun over the next few weeks.

What’s the current forecast?

The Met Office’s current forecast is for rain to start clearing on Monday (24 July) with some sunny spells and the weather remaining dry “for many” in the evening.

However, clear spells will allow temperatures to fall and mean a chilly start to Tuesday, when more “occasional showers” are forecast. “These will be heavy and thundery across parts of the north and east,” the Met Office said.

Later in the week, rain and winds are expected to return, with weather “feeling humid”, and sunny spells (mixed with rain) returning by Friday.

Looking into early August, the Met Office said things are likely to be “unsettled”, including “showers which could be heavy with the risk of thunder, and potentially some longer spells of rain”.

The north and west of the UK are likely to be wettest, with western and southern coasts likely experiencing fresh to strong winds. Temperatures are expected to be around normal.

Between 7 and 21 August, the Met Office is forecasting unsettled conditions to continue. There could be a “gradual settling down” of conditions near the middle of the month with drier weather and more sun than previous weeks. However, the Met Office said “confidence is limited and unsettled spells are still possible”.

Why is it raining so much in the UK?

The Met Office’s latest State of the UK Climate report, which was published in 2022, indicated the UK has become wetter in recent decades.

Met Office spokesperson Oli Claydon recently explained the “unsettled nature” of the weather this month had been driven by a low pressure currently in place. “The jet stream is bringing low pressure across Atlantic to the UK. This is in contrast to the high pressure we had in charge of our weather in June, bringing prolonged spells of settled weather.”

BBC meteorologist Simon King has said that jet stream could move further north next month, which may mean higher temperatures in the UK (but conditions like those in Europe currently aren’t expected).

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