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Rapper Foxy Brown Wanted as Star Witness for Tupac Murder Trial

Despite Keefe’s repeated confessions on various platforms over the years, it was not until September 30, 2023, that he was arrested at his home. Subsequently, Keefe’s defense shifted, claiming that his previous statements were fabricated for fame and financial gain.

Keefe’s lawyer maintained that he was not present in Las Vegas during the shooting and counts on former Death Row Records boss Suge Knight as a potential key witness.

Suge, currently incarcerated for a separate crime, is viewed as a crucial witness in the case. While he has stated his unwillingness to testify at the upcoming trial, Suge contradicted Keefe’s account by asserting that Orlando was not the shooter. This conflicting narrative has the potential to disrupt the prosecution’s case, offering a lifeline for Keefe’s defense.

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