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When is September Weekend 2023? Why Scotland’s schools get an extra holiday and term dates explained

School pupils in England may have only just returned to classrooms, but in Scotland, they’re preparing for a break.

Depending on which part of Scotland you live, schools and some other services, such as council offices and GP surgeries, will close for up to two days this month.

What is September weekend?

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 31: Pupils at Rosshall Academy wear face coverings as it becomes mandatory in corridors and communal areas on August 31, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. New rules starting today require children over 12 to wear face coverings in corridors and other communal areas in schools in Scotland. Face coverings are not mandatory in classrooms. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Pupils at Rosshall Academy in Glasgow in 2020 (Photo: Getty)

The September weekend marks the arrival of autumn – but it’s also an opportunity for students to have a mid-term break.

Unlike schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, schools in Scotland break up for the summer earlier, with holidays beginning in late June, rather than late July.

Scottish pupils return for the autumn term in late August, before breaking for “October week”, or what is known elsewhere as half-term, in the middle of October.

September weekend, therefore, marks the halfway point between the start of the autumn term and October week.

When is September weekend in 2023?

The exact dates of September weekend varies depending on which part of Scotland you live in.

In 2023, September weekend dates are as follows:

  • Glasgow: Friday 22 and Monday 25 September
  • Edinburgh: Monday 25 September
  • Aberdeen: Friday 22 and Monday 25 September
  • South Lanarkshire: Friday 22 and Monday 25 September
  • East Lothian: Friday 16 September
  • Argyll and Bute: Monday 25 September

Double-check with your child’s school or by going to your local council website.

When is the next school holiday for children in Scotland?

After September weekend, the next school holiday in Scotland will be October week.

This is a week’s holiday, which tends to fall in the middle of the month.

Again, contact your child’s school to confirm the exact dates as these can vary between schools and areas.

How can I find out when September weekend, October week and other school term dates in Scotland are?

You can look on your local council’s website for information about school holidays.

Simply click here and select your local council from the drop-down menu.

As dates can vary between schools, especially if your child is at an independent school, it’s best to find out this information directly from your child’s school.

Term dates are usually available on your child’s school website.

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