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Shanquella Robinson’s Family Urges White House Officials to Push Forward With Extradition

“The second issue [we are currently facing] is the political process that is getting a high level of diplomatic intervention,” Sue-Ann told exclusively. “The family has no support from local representatives, no support from state senators, nothing other than us which is something… I’m talking about they have local state reps, congress members, that their purpose is to serve as the liaison for their constituents, that aren’t doing one single thing.”

“We’re working on it,” she continued. “The actual politicians that are supposed to be doing it are doing nothing.”

Sue-Ann explained, “The third thing is, there are a lot of people online making up stories about Shanquella, and her family, and her mom, and her sister, what they do, and what the case is really about … and not based anywhere in fact at all.”

“It’s just literally people, like trolls, and random people that have come across different things and come up with their theories,” the family attorney added.

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