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‘Some wins, some losses’ — Priddy Ugly announces he’s ‘quitting’ music


Rapper Priddy Ugly is hanging up his mic.

Taking to his X timeline recently, the rapper released a statement explaining that Dust will be his final album.

“It’s been 15 years. That’s 3 albums and 3 mix tapes. That’s 5 EPs, 500 features and thousands of verses, Millions of minds blown (that’s word to my pen). That’s a whole wife and daughter, some homies gained, some homies lost, some bruised egos and a whole lot of love, some wins, some losses, some horns, some crosses,” read the statement.

In a separate post he wrote multiple messages on his timeline, detailing how his journey has been.

“This last stretch of making music has been made completely daunting and it’s not coming from the audience. Creating the music has been organic and seamless, everything else has been very challenging. It has completely sucked the eagerness for me to want to keep doing it in this way”

“I’ve had to be my No 1 fan, my biggest motivator and source of inspiration. The artists and  producers I’ve created with really fuelled my energy when my spirit was completely depleted. The conversations had and love shared boosted me in times where I was literally fighting for my life.”

Taking to Instagram in March in 2022 , the rapper wrote about the importance of support in a society full of pressures.

“You need to give yourself time to heal. Even with the scars that remain, may they be reminders of where we come from. May they remind you that you are strong. Life puts pressure, social media puts pressure. Don’t find yourself not worthy of living. Find the light within you and spread that light. Pick yourself up, grab a helping hand. You are loved and you are worthy of life. Hang in there,” he said.

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