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How Britain bet on the housing market – and lost

It’s the biggest issue facing Britain in a generation. The UK’s broken housing market is fuelling deprivation and poverty on a vast scale – and policymakers are struggling to find a solution.

In this week’s episode of The i Podcast, we are taking a deep dive into how the UK became addicted to rising house prices and the effects of this, from leaseholders to renters, and homeowners grappling with soaring interest rates.

Our guide on this journey is i housing correspondent Vicky Spratt, who explores what can be done to fix Britain’s housing mess.

Vicky is also taking your questions on matters including if we are on course for a house price crash, the 100 per cent rate mortgage, leasehold reform, and shared ownership. She’s also answering your questions on solutions such as a land value tax and the upcoming Renters Reform Bill.

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