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Tommy Robinson arrested in Canada for suspected immigration offences

Tommy Robinson has claimed he has been arrested in Canada on suspicion of an immigration offence after speaking at an event in Calgary.

The right-wing figure – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – said he was detained on Monday before later being released. He says he has been ordered to stay in the country and hand in his passport.

Footage posted online showed Robinson being handcuffed and led to the back of a waiting car outside the Carriage House Hotel and Conference Centre.

Robinson – the founder of the far-right English Defence League – asked what appeared to be a plainclothes police officer: “What have I got a warrant out for?”

He responded: “You’ve got an outstanding immigration warrant. We’ll talk about it in the vehicle.”

Footage then showed Robinson, 41, being placed into a car and driven away, as he described the events as “absolutely insane”.

After saying he had been released, Robinson wrote on X: “None of this makes sense, I’m now detained in Calgary, prevented from leaving the city, these conditions stop me from continuing my tour of Canada and meeting with guests for podcasts.

“I’m not even allowed to leave to travel home.”

Robinson said he had been booked to speak in three Canadian cities by an outlet called Rebel News. He is due to speak again in Edmonton on Tuesday and Toronto on Sunday.

Ezra Levant from Rebel News made appeals on X for donations to cover Robinson’s legal fees.

Levant wrote on the social media platform: “Tommy Robinson had just given a major speech to about 150 Calgarians about freedom of speech, lawfare and his battles in the UK.

“No sooner had he finished that speech and walked outside than he was swarmed by 10 police officers who put him in the back of one of three police vehicles and drove him off. We asked what the charge was, but the police refused to say.”

i approached the Calgary Police Service for comment and confirmation of Robinson’s arrest, but the force did not immediately respond.

This is a breaking news story and is being updated.

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