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Tories and Labour both nominate political columnists to House of Lords

The Conservatives and Labour have both nominated political columnists to the House of Lords, as 13 new life peers were announced by the Government.

Downing Street published the latest list of political peerages on Friday as MPs were on holiday.

The Tories’ eight nominations include Paul Goodman, a former Conservative MP and editor of the influential ConservativeHome website, where he regularly writes commentary.

Disability rights campaigner Rosa Monckton, serial entrepreneur and Tory donor Stuart Marks, and former Local Government Association chairman James Jamieson were also among those chosen by Rishi Sunak.

Labour has four new peers, including political commentator Ayesha Hazarika, who formerly served as an adviser to Ed Miliband and now writes a fortnightly column for i on Scottish and Westminster politics.

John Hannett, former leader of the shopworkers union Usdaw, was also nominated.

The list also includes one new Plaid Cymru peer.

The document says: “The King has been graciously pleased to signify his intention of conferring the following peerages of the United Kingdom for life.”

The unelected House of Lords has about 800 members, compared with the 650 capped number of MPs in the House of Commons.

The appointments process recently faced fresh criticism after short-lived former prime minister Liz Truss proposed a new peer for every day and a half she was in office in her resignation honours list.

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