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Truss ‘too wooden’ for GB News and needs ‘crash course in humility’ for TV career

She’s turned her back on the I’m A Celebrity TV jungle and doesn’t impress GB News.

Liz Truss will have to take a crash course in humility if she is to launch a new media career, insiders said.

The shortest-serving PM in history also became the first former leader since 1935 to lose their seat, when voters in South West Norfolk delivered the shock result of a tumultuous election.

A notable absentee at Tuesday’s post-election conference staged by the PopCons, the Popular Conservatism group she launched, Ms Truss is said to be still hurting from Thursday night’s result, which allies say she did not see coming.

Whilst Boris Johnson is set to earn millions from his memoirs this autumn, the prospects for his Downing Street successor are less promising.

“GB News wasn’t interested in her as a presenter before the election and that is unlikely to change,” said one insider at the right-wing channel. “She is still seen as an embarrassment.”

“Liz is too wooden to present,” said another, who allowed: “She would be better as a commentator particularly during the Tory leadership contest where her endorsement would still carry weight.”

Former prime minister Liz Truss has lost her Norfolk South West seat to the Labour Party, at Alive Lynnsport in King's Lynn, Norfolk, during the count in the 2024 General Election. Picture date: Friday July 5, 2024. PA Photo. See PA story POLITICS Election. Photo credit should read: Jacob King/PA Wire
Liz Truss accepting her shock defeat in the Norfolk South West seat to Labour (Photo: Jacob King/PA)

Ms Truss will lose her £91,346 MP’s salary but can still draw on the £115,000 a year former prime ministers can claim when they leave office, for expenses associated with continuing public duties.

Still considered a credible figure by American conservatives, Ms Truss could hope to receive more offers to speak at events like the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, which she attended in February.

Although lacking the stardust Nigel Farage has acquired through his proximity to former president Donald Trump, Ms Truss shared a platform with far-right commentator Steve Bannon and won applause for blaming her downfall on the British equivalent of the “deep state.”

Former prime minister Liz Truss has lost her Norfolk South West seat to the Labour Party, at Alive Lynnsport in King's Lynn, Norfolk, during the count in the 2024 General Election. Picture date: Friday July 5, 2024. PA Photo. See PA story POLITICS Election. Photo credit should read: Jacob King/PA Wire
Former prime minister Liz Truss waits to hear the results of the election for the Norfolk South West constituency (Photo: Jacob King/PA Wire)

She has received fees of up to £80,000 for international speeches since leaving office but has already told her Downing Street story in a book, Ten Years To Save The West, for which she was paid an initial advance of £1,512.88 and which sold 2,228 copies in its opening week.

Giles Edwards, whose book The Ex Men looks at the retirement careers of global leaders, said: “Liz Truss has already spoken at conferences of conservatives internationally and it seems very likely that she will continue making the case for the ideas that she is committed to.”

He added: “In general, former PMs are most successful in the years after, when they identify a small number of issues and work on them with others, whether through international organisations or membership organisations for former leaders.”

The quickest way for Ms Truss to earn money would be to swallow her pride (as well as a plate of Witchetty Grub) and accept an offer to become the star attraction on I’m A Celebrity.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 20: Liz Truss speaks in Downing Street, with husband Hugh O'Leary, as she resigns as Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom on October 20, 2022 in London, England. Liz Truss has been the UK Prime Minister for just 44 days and has had a tumultuous time in office. Her mini-budget saw the GBP fall to its lowest-ever level against the dollar, increasing mortgage interest rates and deepening the cost-of-living crisis. She responded by sacking her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, whose replacement announced a near total reversal of the previous policies. Yesterday saw the departure of Home Secretary Suella Braverman and a chaotic vote in the House of Commons chamber. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Liz Truss speaking in Downing Street, with husband Hugh O’Leary, after she resigned as Prime Minister on October 20, 2022 (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

She reportedly turned down a £200,000 bid to enter the jungle last year. But ITV might test the now ex-MP’s resolve with a figure closer to the £400,000 that former Health Secretary Matt Hancock negotiated for his appearance.

However, days before her defeat, a bullish Ms Truss told the Inside Whitehall podcast: “I’m not going to do Dancing on Ice, I’m not going to be on The Traitors, I’m not going to be on I’m A Celebrity, or whatever any of these shows are. I’m just not interested. I’m interested in changing the country.”

The Truss brand needs a makeover before people are ready to listen to her political views again, said leading talent agent Jonathan Shalit.

“I wouldn’t rush to get an agent if I was her,” Mr Shalit said. “The problem with Liz Truss is her extraordinary lack of self-awareness and inability to accept any culpability for what went wrong. She needs to learn humility and reinvent herself in the way that Michael Portillo did.”

Liz Truss with Boris Johnson when she was Foreign Secretary and he was PM (Photo Henry Nicholls – Pool/Getty Images)

With her experience as a foreign secretary, the former Prime Minister could be offered “positions in global political organisations or ambassadorships,” Mr Shalit said.

Speaking to the BBC immediately after losing her seat, Ms Truss was asked if she planned to stay involved in Conservative politics. “I’ve got a lot to think about,” she replied. “I haven’t slept last night so give me a bit of time.”

TV producers are already knocking on the doors of other felled Tory “big beasts”.

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, who lost his seat to Labour, is considering an offer to star in a “fly-on-the-wall” documentary series, to be made by the Discovery channel.

The former Cabinet minister, who has already returned to his nightly GB News show, would allow cameras into the 17th-century house in Somerset where he lives with his wife, Helena de Chair, and their six children.

Opportunity knocks too for Penny Mordaunt, unseated by Labour in Portsmouth North.

The former Leader of the Commons could trade on her famous sword-wielding role at the King’s Coronation by presenting historical Royal TV documentaries, Mr Shalit predicted.

Ms Mordaunt, who competed as an MP in the ITV diving show Splash!, would be “in demand for Strictly, the jungle (I’m A Celebrity) and Celebrity Traitors.”

GB News, ITV and representatives for Ms Truss were approached for comment.

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