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WATCH: Varakashi leader Jones Musara explains team’s operations; distances organisation from accusations of cyberbullying

By Leopold Munhende | Chief Correspondent

JONES Musara, leader of Zanu PF-aligned Twitter brigade Varakashi has refuted claims his grouping is responsible for cases of online bullying and claimed they are in fact, victims.

He was speaking at a meeting organised by 4H Zimbabwe meant to promote peace between political parties and the media ahead of Zimbabwe’s August 23 elections.

The event was attended by representatives from Zanu PF, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), and MDC’s Information Departments.

Musara had been asked to explain their operations with respect to claims they were part of a brigade focused on cyberbullying anti-establishment activists.

“Our job as Varakashi is to crush lies, lies about Zanu PF and Zimbabwe so that it fails economically,” said Musara.

We do not beat up or abuse anyone. We are actually at the receiving end since there are those who threaten to banish us once they get into power.”

With Zimbabwe heading for elections, the need for peace was of paramount importance according to 4H Zimbabwe Director John Muchenje.

“We are trying to promote peace between political parties first then political parties and the media as both are important,” said Muchenje.

“We encourage political parties to disseminate content that does not fuel violence. The same message applies to the media, an important tool in promoting peace before, during and after elections.”

Speaking at the event, Zanu PF Information Department’s Farai Marapira and CCC Youth Spokesperson Stephen Chuma who were both representing their parties as emissaries promised to ensure a peaceful campaign period.

Both parties have in the past accused each other of attacking opposing supporters.

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