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We have shamed detractors – says Mnangagwa as he is sworn in for final term

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa said his party has shamed detractors who hoped for violence and his downfall during the just ended general elections.

He was addressing thousands at his inauguration ceremony held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on Monday.

Mnangagwa said the peace that prevailed was an indication that Zimbabwe has matured politically.

“We have shamed our detractors who predicted and clandestinely financed mayhem, expecting the worst from us, before, during and after our polls.

“The will of the Zimbabwean people has been expressed and must be respected.

“In unity, we have defended this sacred land, bequeathed to us by our great heroes and heroines.

“They paid for the democracy, independence and sovereignty we are enjoying today, with their precious lives.

Added Mnangagwa: “I once again call upon all Zimbabweans to say no to violence, tribalism, regionalism, hate speech and other divisive tendencies. Peace, love, harmony and tolerance are in our DNA as a people.”

“As Zimbabwe, we have demonstrated that we are a mature democracy.

“The people of this precious nation, which is born out of the sacred blood of those who fought for our independence, freedom, democracy and indeed the right to vote, have spoken.

“Our unparalleled conduct before, during and after the electoral processes is praiseworthy and will be an everlasting standard and benchmark as we continue to deepen and entrench constitutional democracy in our country,” he said.

Mnangagwa said there are no losers, but a victory for the people of Zimbabwe against the neo-colonial and hegemonic tendencies of our country’s detractors and those who believe that “might is right”.

“Counter-revolutionary forces and their proxies will never prevail in our free mother country, Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa said people should now turn their focus back to building and industrialising the country so the quality of life improves.

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