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ZANU PF supporters prolonging the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans!

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

He never takes good care of his family but rather opts to waste resources on his own personal pleasures: drinking and eating with friends and buying the best comforts for himself. 

Yet, in all this, his children are going without adequate nutritious food, not attending school due to unpaid fees, and walking around without any decent clothes. 

When they cry out to him, in sheer desperation and anguish, he becomes thoroughly enraged – savagely beating them up and accusing his own children of ingratitude and disrespecting his authority. 

When they approach relatives and family friends for them to intervene and talk with their father – he, in turn, brands the children as disloyal and unfaithful. 

In fact, it gets even worse. 

Amongst the children who are suffering at the hands of their father’s irresponsible behavior, there are some who actually defend him and elect to lie that all is well in the home.

Those few children even go as far as describing their fellow siblings as unappreciative of their father’s efforts and seeking to tarnish his image, especially by reporting the abuse and neglect to relatives and family friends. 

They then deliberately choose to focus on the little ‘positives’  which their father is doing – making a huge deal when he buys them a loaf of bread to share amongst the six of them, or brings home some old second hand clothes for them to wear.

Nonetheless, they turn a blind to the undeniable and unbearable misery their father is causing them each day.

In the same vein, some of these relatives and family friends end up also standing firm with the father.

How then is the father expected to reform into a responsible loving man – who takes good care of his family – when he finds supporters and defenders, who shield him from accountability, even within his own family?

How will he finally have sense knocked into his head when there are those who  accuse the children who are complaining of lying?

How is the father supposed to become a better person when there are those who elect to look the other way when he spends all the family resources on his own pleasures whilst his children languish in destitution?

When the father dines at expensive restaurants, yet his six children forced to share a plate of sadza without any relish – we find some amongst them actually urging their disgruntled siblings to focus on the ‘positives’ that their father is doing.

The children are expected to celebrate and be eternally grateful that, at least, they had something to eat – even when the meal was woefully inadequate and they were left still feeling hungry. 

How then is the life of these children supposed to improve when their father’s irresponsible and abusive behavior is not kept in check?

How do these children expect to enjoy a better life when there are those amongst them who refuse to hold their father accountable but actually defend and support his unbecoming behavior?

What is even more inexplicable and incomprehensible is that those children siding with the father are suffering just as terribly as the rest.

Does this blind inexcusable defending of their father not actually embolden him to continue on his path of irresponsibility – thereby worsening the children’s own miserable plight?

Yet this is exactly what we witness in Zimbabwe – where the ruling elite are looting national resources for their own enrichment, whilst being defended by ZANU PF supporters, who themselves are languishing in poverty as million other ordinary citizens. 

How are the lives of Zimbabweans expected to improve when the leaders’ deplorable irresponsible behavior is actually defended by some who are amongst the suffering majority?

When we speak out against the abuses of those in power, there are those amongst us (the suffering) who do not want these truths to be spoken. 

As a matter of fact, they accuse us of unpatriotism as they urge us to focus on the ‘positives’ which our government is doing. 

What positives when half the population is living in extreme poverty – yet the ruling junta enjoy unparalleled wealth?

Are we supposed to be grateful for the mediocrity we witness being celebrated as ‘development’ by ZANU PF supporters?

Why would I celebrate a borehole in an urban area – when I know fully well that 44 years after independence, even rural folk should be having piped water in their homes by now?

What sense is there in celebrating a 1.5 kilometer of a newly tarred stretch of road when I am aware that, with the vast resources Zimbabwe possesses, we should be seeing so-called ‘spaghetti roads’ all over the country?

Why would anyone celebrate a new clinic (probably poorly-equipped) in rural Zimbabwe when, by now, we should be enjoying world-class medical services even on the far-flung corners of the country?

Why would anyone celebrate food handouts and free agricultural inputs when, in a normal country, the citizenry are so economically empowered that they can afford to buy their own food and anything else they want?

There is no way we will celebrate mediocrity – since we know that, as Zimbabweans, we deserve far better.

Quite frankly, a child who celebrates eating sadza without relish – whilst his father dines at an exquisite hotel – is a big fool!

The people of Zimbabwe will never enjoy a better life as long as ZANU PF supporters defend and foolishly stand by those who are causing the population’s impoverishment. 

In fact,  ZANU PF supporters are the ones stalling real development in Zimbabwe.

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