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Ice Cube Doesn’t Want To Be Called A GOAT!

Ice Cube is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of West Coast Hip-Hop, having proven his talents in the rap game before taking over the film industry. 

But while many recording artists may gladly accept the title of being a GOAT (greatest of all time), Ice Cube appears to feel differently. 

This past weekend, the creator of Friday took to his 5.7 million followers on Twitter to make a statement. “For those who thinks it flatters me, please don’t call me a fucking goat. Carry-on,” he wrote.

A few hours later, he followed up his tweet with another comment about being a GOAT. He added, “Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the respect but don’t call me that.”

While we can’t pinpoint exactly where these comments stemmed from, it’s important to note Ice Cube’s tenure in the entertainment industry, from being a member of Hip-Hop group N.W.A., to his solo projects to someone who “started this gangsta shit,” Ice Cube has proven decade after decade his contributions to music, film, and now sports as a founding member of the BIG3 basketball league.

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